Learning New Things

On Tuesday, I'll start work full time on what has been up until now a part time role with StudioNow. It means a pretty dramatic shift in the technology stack I've grown accustomed to in the enterprise -- whether it be a Microsoft-centric approach or the typical process laden change management typically found (and admittedly sometimes necessary) in big organizations.

I am looking forward to building some really cool technology with new languages and platforms that I am used to -- seeing and appreciating different approaches is always a great learning experience that I feel really grows an engineer. But most important, it will be a thrill to be so close to the action. To know that what I do (or don't do) each and every day has real impact, is a reward in and of itself.

Being a C# developer, learning Python over the past several months has been not quite the mind shift I was expecting. The biggest hurdle was not language syntax or features, but rather the loss of an IDE features within Visual Studio that all Microsoft developers know and love -- Intellisense. Yeah, some Python IDEs have this feature, but after being spoiled by Intellisense in VS 2003/2005, it was actually easier for me to learn to live without it and just use a text editor.

In the projects so far for StudioNow, I have yet to see or experience where the dynamic nature of the Python language has shown any real use, but I recognize that I am still learning. I am most interested to learn where and how I can be leverage these features in the language for more productive software construction.

Tags: python, studionow, C#, startup