Lake Run

I went for a 40 minute run today around part of Lake Summit, which is where we are vacationing. This was the first run I have attempted that wasn't on a treadmill since i began running 4 months ago. There were a few hills but it was mostly flat. The biggest problem I had in coming off the treadmill and running "for real" was maintaining an even pace. Since on a treadmill I don't have to work at keeping a pace, my pace undulated quite a bit. That's why I was suprised after getting in the car tonight and measuring the distance with the odometer I was suprised to see that it was exactly 4 miles -- a 10 minute mile, or 6 mph, pace. This is exactly the same pace I run on the treadmill. Kind of freaky.

It was tough, primarily because I haven't run a lick for a week for a number of reasons, so I was a little out shape. Overall, though, it was sooo much better than the treadmill. Running in the sweet mountain air of early fall on a packed dirt road that crunched under my ever stride. The air clean and refreshing. Trees moving past me instead of my old bookcase, which stands next to my treadmill at home, dogging me the entire run. The breeze on my face. I got to find some good running trails close by at home in Nashville so I can get outside to run a little more often.