Joel Spolsky, A Little Oversensitive

It is posts like these that make me wish that I hadn't purchased software from Joel Spolsky.

First of all, Joel, get over it.

It's a silly advertisement making fun of a stereotype (by the way, have you looked around, there is a reason it is a stereotype - it's partially true). It is not bashing any one individual on false or otherwise ungrounded claims.

But wait, you do that don't you?

In the same post that you get upset about an advertisement making fun of the geek generalization, you go on record with a full assault on the President's intellect as well as asserting that Bush is against "finding cures for your diseases". I can only infer from this slight you are referring to the President's veto of the measure to legalize the use of embryonic stem cells for medical research. It is pretty obvious you don't see that as a good thing and that's your opinion.

I don't care to debate this issue nor any other political issue for that matter.

I just find it a bit humorous that you resort to name calling and unfounded attacks to lecture Travelers for doing the same thing. I guess that provides a bit of irony in addition to the humor as your use of "know-nothing" when referring to the President was an obvious assertion that he lacked intelligence while your post takes Travelers on in a very unintelligent fashion.