Is Obama Scared?

While not a tremendous fan of McCain, I easily favor him over Obama. I think that much is obvious if you have read any of my previous postings dealing with politics. Obama just seems too scripted and packaged to me. At times it really seems as if he has zero experience politically (statements about "guns and religion" and "thermostats and SUVs" that are now quite notorious prove this, at least to me).

Because of this apparent lack of inexperience, I had been hoping to see some good old fashioned McCain v. Obama sparring in some unstructured debates and town halls (where the audience is free to ask questions to the candidates).

It appears from this AP report that is likely not to happen despite McCain's desire to do so.

WASHINGTON (AP) - Presidential rivals Barack Obama and John McCain have failed to agree on joint town hall appearances.

Obama campaign manager David Plouffe said in a statement Friday that he offered to meet McCain in five joint appearances between now and the Nov. 4 election. But only one of those was a town hall meeting.

McCain wanted them to appear together in 10 town hall meetings that would be unscripted with questions from voters in the audience.

Obama preferred one town hall, plus three traditional debates and an in- depth debate on foreign policy.

It seems to me that Obama is fearful of the results of what a unscripted series of town hall meetings could expose about him. Rightly so, I presume. I mean, from what great well of experience and knowledge can/does he draw from?