Internal Corporate Blogging

I am about half way through Naked Conversations, which has some really great perspectives on blogging. It has inspired me to start blogging internally on the corporate blog that was setup about a year ago but that has gotten very little attention. In fact, no one has posted anything in the past six months.

We are not a software company but rather a business to business service company driven by our internal technology -- IT is a cost center for the business, rather than a profit center. Therefore, the traditional use of blogs as a customer relationship tool don't apply, at least in the same paradigm as a traditional software vendor with real world external customers.

That being said, however, I see tremendous value in the internal corporate blog, especially in IT. It has the power to exchange ideas much more rapidly than meetings and much more effiectively than corporate spam. In addition, with full text indexing its a great platform for knowledge management. Furthermore, it has the potential to open up a much broader and higher bandwidth communication channel to IT's internal customers -- the business.

My goal is two-fold. I want to evangelize the idea of corporate blogging for the above listed merits and furthermore, I intend to publish and circulate my ideas regarding change and innovation that a lot of times get lost in the corporate hierarchy and shuffle of day to day operations.

I haven't fully figured out my plan for growing the both the blog activity by others as well as the corporate readership, yet. However, I figure in the meantime, it couldn't hurt to begin posting.

If anyone has any ideas they have seen work in this same environment for inspiring a following in corporate blogdom, please respond and let me hear it!