Intellisense Breaks After Uninstalling Resharper

Resharper is a big hit with the guys at work. I can see some of the value pre-Visual Studio 2005, but most, the extra features just don't seem that powerful inside the latest release of Visual Studio. Furthermore, my only experience with Resharper has been that it is notoriously slow when loading up the IDE as well as different solutions.

This could very well be some configuration issue on my machine and I may in fact have a different experience once I move over to the new workstation I have, however, in an effort to get some work done in the IDE and not be hampered by the sluggishness caused by Resharper, I uninstalled it, and after doing so I noticed that I had lost Intellisense, at least some of it. I had all the features of Intellisense except for the most commonly used: showing me a drop down list of options after typing a dot (".").

I finally tracked down the issue in the Options pane under Text Editor/C#/General:

Intellisense Settings Screenshot

Apparently, on uninstall Resharper doesn't clean itself up and re-check this two check boxes ("Auto list members" and "Parameter Information"). Checking these boxes got things back in order.

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