I Like Mike

I have been a really big fan of Fred Thompson, but after getting to know Mike Huckabee a bit better (watch the interview videos below), I am like preferring the former governor of Arkansas, no not THAT governor :).

They seem to generally hold the same "small Federal government" philosophy and any differences in policy opinion I see to be minor. The big difference for me is that Huckabee seems passionate about his convictions and genuinely engaged in solving our nation's problems.

While I can't question Fred's convictions and motives, he just doesn't seem as engaged as Huckabee. Maybe that because Huckabee has the training of a pastor and therefore is natural for him to "preach". Maybe its just that he feels truly called to what he is doing and therefore the passion naturally comes through. Either way, I have been impressed with how much ground he has gained with relatively little money. He is gaining ground on his message, not because of advertising himself into name recognition.

I wonder what a Huckabee-Fred ticket would look like?