Healthcare Informatics and Apollo Data Technologies

Though I have ventured away from the Healthcare industry (at least full time...), I remain keenly interested in the advancements of how the mountains of data are processed and analyzed. I worked with Apollo Data Technologies in the capacity of an Enterprise Architect at AIM Healthcare, in an attempt to sell the vision that we should be using predictive analytics and data mining techniques wade through data in search of underpayments/overpayments -- the use of human "hunt and pecking" through the data was (and likely still remains so) a serious bottleneck in scaling to increase business, as well as severely limiting in the amount of data that can be analyzed and acted upon.

For example, we wouldn't touch a claim that was under a certain "low water" mark because the human cost of analyzing that claim didn't make it economically feasible. The approach with Apollo's technology would have been to automate the solution making the entirety of the then 9TB data store "actionable", in addition setting ourselves up to be leading the market in offering a pre-pay solution to Payers using predictive analytics whereby we could analyze a single claims "data fingerprint" and yield a probability, nearly instantaneous, that a claim should or should not be paid, and save the entire post-payment adjudication and recovery process.

Keep an eye on these guys. I really think this is the future of solving a lot of healthcare's bloat. We'll see.