Have We Forgotten?

It's hard for me to not be discouraged these days.

As a parent of three children who will come of age two decades into this new century, I cannot help but be fearful about where we are headed despite the fact that my faith tells me to be hopeful.

Since the progressive movement at the turn of the century we have been growing steadily towards a larger, more powerful, central government. We have confiscated incomes, engaged in senseless wars, be warned about yet still grew a tremendous military industrial complex, have regulated and intervened in matters of private enterprise and business as never before. And the list goes on.

My desire is simple: I want the federal government to just leave people alone. We've grown lazy as a population. Our states have yielded over sovereignty to central government. Our Congress has yielded over control over money to a secret bank called the Federal Reserve.

We have gotten into to the habit of not thinking for ourselves. We have been programmed for multiple generations in school systems run by unions of teachers controlled at levels far greater than the neighborhood and local parents.

Principals of freedom and liberty as well as our Constitution was taught as soon as children learned to read, at one time in this country. Now I imagine most high school students wouldn't even recognize the preamble -- heck, it seems like most of our Senators and Congressmen haven't even read the document, or worse, they've read it and ignore it.

Tonight, one senator sold her Yay vote for $100-300 million worth of goodies for her state to bring a Healthcare bill one step closer to passage. A bill that absolutely has no Constitutional grounds, is flagrantly spending money we do not have as a nation, and will most certainly mean a diminished quality of care for millions of Americans.

The frustrating thing about this entire Healthcare issue, however, is not "public option or not" or "abortion coverage or not", but the fact that no one is exclaiming that the whole idea is insane to begin with and that the Federal government has ZERO Constitutional authority to even get involved. If anything, they should be undoing regulation and programs they've created to begin with, with regards to insurance company restrictions/regulations, medicare/medicaid, etc.