Giving up on Rails

At least for now...

I know it's what all the "cool kids are doing", but after transitioning to full time python work about 7 months ago away from 5+ years with C#, I am still not at the point of coasting with python like I was with C#. Trying to learn another language (for the sole purpose of using a framework) right now has just proved to be frustrating. In large part, this is do to the feeling that the division of my efforts is getting me nowhere other than knowing some trivial things.

Furthermore, python just feels more graceful. I don't really think about language constructs as I am writing python. I think about what it is I am trying to accomplish. I am sure it would eventually feel that way with ruby (or most any other language as well) after some time.

Finally, django rocks. It is missing the one feature that rails has that I really like about rails -- db migrations. But django has so much more (can you say free admin interface).