Giving Notice

Today was a bittersweet day for me as I gave my two week notice at work.

It has been a roller-coaster ride these past couple of years. It has been a good experience to learn yet another angle of the healthcare industry. I have also had the privilege of trying to help establish an enterprise architecture team under a Chief Architect and later under a CIO. I have had the opportunity to work with some of the most intelligent and dynamic people I know.

With the departure of both of the Chief Architect and later the CIO, as well as others, I have spent time reflecting and analyzing the past year and came to the conclusion that I had lost the battle in trying to bring enterprise architecture and strategy to a growing organization.

There are things that I might do differently if I had the chance to start over again, but I guess that is presents yet another opportunity to learn and grow.

I could of appreciated the politics a little better and been a bit more diplomatic and sensitive in the early stages of this group. I could have reached out more to the development community who we were intending to serve. I could tried to settle on just one or two initiatives to focus on, instead of six to eight.

Would doing these things have made us successful in our quest to build an EA team?

Maybe. Maybe not. We can never know.

It became apparent to me that with certain key individuals no longer there, and the continual decline in my responsibilities, that it was probably time for me to move on. As I began to examine other opportunities, I found something that was a perfect match to the passions and vision that I had for AIM.

It just kind of fell into my lap and begged me to pursue it. So I am.

I believe that there is a wealth of untapped value for the taking at AIM. I think the business model should be shifting to include new lines of business that could dramatically increase revenues as well as diversification of those revenue streams, by leveraging the massive data repository that is largely unused.

These new lines of business would at the same time be able to contribute to making real improvements to our healthcare system. Things like disease and condition prediction through the use of analytics allowing for physicians to provide more informed and timely preventive care to their patients.

I do hope that those who remain at AIM will continue to pursue some of this work in analytics as I believe there is tremendous untapped value sitting in mountains of data.

My next stop is something that I am very excited about.

I am not sure of how comfortable my new employers are with me being open and public about such matters so I won't mention who they are.

Let me just say that it is still in healthcare. In fact, it is from a new perspective than I have experienced thus far in my career. Also, the team seems like a great group of technologists passionate about what they are doing and they are embracing agile (in the form of Scrum) methodologies, among other items I had been pursuing and trying evangelize over the past year or so.

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