Forming Standards for Event Driven Architecture

Now that you are inundated with acronyms, let me get the point.

I first got wind of this when I read Nick's post on Inside Architecture this morning. As also pointed out by Nick, Brenda Michelson summarizes this RFI well. If you have read my blog much at all in the past couple of months you will know that this is a topic in which that I have great interest.

Hopefully some productive work comes out of this process and is not just a place for a bunch of smart engineers to argue without result. Adding a solid event architecture to an SOA-driven enterprise will yield tremendous power in the next evolution of distributed systems.

This will only be possible through growth of standards in how to go about implementing what we all know today about event modeling (WinForms and ASP.NET, provide two excellent examples of how powerful eventing is within a single process space).

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