FogCreek Copilot Wins a New User & Fan

I followed the development of Copilot as a summer internship project at FogCreek Software with passing interest. The product wasn't all that interesting to me at the time as it didn't solve any immediate need that I had and it seemed to be more of just a mash-up of Open Source tools (e.g. VNC) rather than building anything new.

That non-impressed experience ended tonight.

My mother, lives 900 miles away, was having trouble on her computer and instead of the typical walk-through over the phone, I remembered Copilot and decided to give it a try. It took less than 5 minutes to get going and neither of us had to worry about our different firewalls. She was able to watch as I showed her how to do some things (we still were on the phone with each other).

To top it all off, it only costs $5 for an entire 24 hour block of time. Some people pay more than that for their morning coffee.

Thanks, FogCreek. I'll definately be using this service again.

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