Experiencing Scrum

For the past several days at work, we've begun a Scrum on a new project. At first, I was not thrilled with the idea of a daily "status" meeting. However, the 15 minute Scrum meeting every morning is unlike your typical management run status meeting. It's far more efficient.

It has actually turned into to something that seems to be creating a naturally motivating and productive pace. It also serves as a good daily organization tool to help in planning the day ahead. Reporting what you accomplished from yesterday's items and taking items of the list that you'll do today, provides a real sense of ownership and control. It's very freeing.

It's still early, and there are kinks to be worked out, I am sure. But there is definately something to this, and am happy to have the chance to be apart of experiencing Scrum in the wild, rather just as an idea and theory that I have pushed in the past.

Oh yeah, the business owners are loving the fact that they get a chance to hear the day-to-day of the evolution of the product.

Tags: scrum, agile, status meeting, project management, software, sdlc, lifecycle