Django OperationalError Debugging

So on one of our test servers I was doing some heavy performance testing when I noticed a strange OperationalError exception message in the Debug console for Django:

Picture 3.png

I went digging around and sure enough I had all kinds of locks when I attempted:


So next I checked the status of the free space available to learn than the partition that the mysql data was on was completely full. So, shutdown mysql and relocated the data to another partition with plenty of room:

mysqladmin shutdown
mv /usr/local/apache/var/* /new/location/for/files/

Then I changed /etc/my.cnf so that it had the following lines edited or amended:

datadir = /new/location/for/files/

Make sure that the ib_logfile files don't remain in the new location:

rm /new/location/for/files/ib_logfile*

Now restart mysql and verify that everything is working:

mysqld_safe &
echo "create database testdatabase;" | mysql
echo "show databases;" | mysql