Django-Compact Updates

Getting back into the swing of things on django- compact today:

Today's Commits

  • Got concatenation working for both js and css
  • Added minification support via YUI Compressor

This second item in the list leads me to a question about best practices when creating a re-distributable Django app. Minification support is an optional flag passed at run time to build your css/js:

./ compact --minify

If specified, it will run the concatenated files through the YUI Compressor minifier. Since this tool is java based, and not python :(, I decided to include the jar file in a lib folder under the application folder.

I then created a module called and encapsulated the shell out via Popen in a python class called Compressor. This does assume that the java executable is in your path and is of a version greater than 1.4 (YUI Compressor requires at least 1.4).

The question I have is, is there a best practice of where and when to include binaries such as this? I feel that this is pretty clean in that I construct the path to the jar dynamically at run time so i don't assume any particular install location. I could do more up front checking for the existence of java and the version number.

Any thoughts?