Cropper Plugin

I am such a big fan of Cropper! The latest release has exposed a plugin interface that allows developers to quickly and easily write extensions for the great screen clipping tool. In light of my recent discovery of TinyPic I decided what I needed was to marry Cropper and TinyPic so that upon my screen capture, the image was automatically posted to TinyPic and the resulting new TinyPic Url to my image returned and copied into my clipboard.

This should greatly increase the productivity in using both tools to add screen shots to my blogging both here and at work.

You can download just my plugin if you already have the 1.6 Beta version of Cropper, or otherwise, I have repacked 1.6 Beta to include my plugin, in which case you can download the entire package. I will likely put my source for the plugin up here at a later date, but there is nothing magical to it, just two methods (one of them I took from CodeProject after spending 30 minutes trying to figure out why WebClient would not upload a file properly, I found this article and it just worked:

Hey, I had to find some way to use this new plug-in for this

I know, what's the point of the screen shot of the article that I just referenced via the link? Well, I had to find some way of using this new plugin in the post that is about the plugin. :)

Downloads (plugin only, Cropper 1.6 Beta including this plugin)