Creating Work Items for Team System through Outlook

A while back, I took at a look at Personify Design's Teamlook tool that provided functionality within Outlook to create and modify Work Items in Visual Studio Team System. What a great idea since during the course of development many issues or potential bugs or discussions about existing Work Items take place in email threads and its always good practice to capture all or most of that information in your Work Item database for future reference.

While it is easy enough to copy and paste between Outlook at Team Foundation Client, it remains a bit tedious to do it more than a couple times over the course of a workday. So, overall, this product seemed worth it at the time to consider making a recommendation to purchase licenses for the eventual rollout of Team System.

Enter this latest post by Robert Horvick where he details how to achieve very similiar functionality with the VSTO wizard to create an Outlook AddIn. While I haven't reviewed it myself yet to test the functionality, it does seem compelling for a couple of reasons. One, the price is right, its free, and two, the code is available for customization or extension should you need it.

I hope to check it out in the next several weeks and then hopefully be able to write up a proper review comparing them for anyone that might be interested.