Cost Analysis on Team System

Many small to medium .NET shops, in my experience, make use of some combination of either SourceSafe or SourceGear Vault for source control along with a tool like FogBugz for work item tracking.

Most, hopefully, shops are realizing the inherent instability and poor performance of SourceSafe and are using Vault. I have seen the Vault/FogBugz combination used in a number of places and seems to be a very common pairing.

Let’s examine the cost comparison briefly on the Vault/FogBugz deployment versus a Team Foundation Server deployment.

The price for Team Foundation Server is $2,799 for the server and $499 per CAL (Client Access License). The Workgroup Edition is Free when purchasing a Team Edition Visual Studio.

However, for the most part you shouldn’t have to purchase CALs as they are included in any of the Visual Studio Team Edition products (Suite, Developer, Tester, or Architect).

The pricing for [FogBugz is as follows$129 per single license
$999 for a 10-pack of licenses
$8,999 for a 100-pack of licenses
$40,000 for a 500-pack of licenses

The pricing for [Vault is as follows$289 per single license
$1,199 for a 5-pack of licenses
$2,199 for a 10-pack of licenses
$4,999 for a 25-pack of licenses
$18,999 for a 100-pack of licenses

Let’s not forget that FogBugz and Vault both require a database backend like SQL 2005 (FogBugz offers the alternative of a mysql backend, however, I believe Vault requires SQL Server). Let’s just say then for the sake of this analysis that they share the same server.

SQL 2005 licensing has two options, Per Processor or Server+CAL:

Standard Edition prices are $5,999 Per Processor or $1,849 per Server (including 5 CALs).

The licensing for SQL server is included in Team Foundation Server.

So to compare let’s examine several different scenarios.

So there are three conclusions based on this pricing analysis:

  1. If you have 5 or less developers and you want to take advantage of the tools in the Team Edition IDEs then it is definitely cheaper to use the Workgroup Edition.

  2. If you have more than 5 but less than 8 developers and you will share an existing SQL Server instance, thus alleviating you from the requirement to buy a SQL Server license, then it is slightly cheaper to go with the FogBugz/Vault combination.

  3. Finally, it is always cheaper to use Team Foundation Server if you find yourself needing to purchase a dedicated SQL Server machine for your FogBugz/Vault installation.

Please note, that this analysis is assuming that the developers will each have one of the Team Editions of Visual Studio 2005. Also note, that the CALs for non-developers (e.g. Project Managers) will be $499, versus the $129 or less for FogBugz, to access the bug/work item tracking system.