Click Homeless

Today I stumbled upon a blog written by Kevin Barbieux, a homeless man living in Nashville. On his blog, there was a post about a new project going on called Click Homeless.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. Oct. 22, 2008- Nathan Baker, a new media specialist and Nashville local, and a large network of people from Nashville and beyond are launching a project that would raise awareness and support for homeless bloggers. The project, Click Homeless, is a network of homeless and non- homeless who would help design and maintain blogs for homeless writers, teach homeless writers invaluable Internet skills, try to get laptops in the hands of the bloggers, pursue sponsorships with food spots with free Internet access, and advocate that people “click homeless.”

The experience of Baker and many of those in the Click Homeless network have been greatly affected by homeless bloggers. "Homeless bloggers have an amazing perspective that can help inform the public from a well-needed perspective," Baker said. Click Homeless seeks to benefit both the homeless and the non- homeless as well. Baker said as a result of the network, he hopes homeless voices will be more greatly empowered, the public would be better informed on issues of homelessness from a need perspective, and bridges would be built.

Currently, Click Homeless is in a viral marketing campaign for votes at Ideablob provides $10,000 in funding for the idea with the most votes at the end of the month. Click Homeless is on the path to becoming a finalist at Ideablob. However, even if Click Homeless does not gain the $10,000 support, Baker and the network do not plan to simply scrap the idea. Baker explains, “If we don't reach our goal of raising $10,000 from by the end of the month, we will use the contacts we've made and continue to pursue the idea.” You can offer feedback and vote for this idea at

What a cool and fresh approach to the long standing problem of homelessness. Good to see. Please vote for this idea at