Blown Away by Precor

Seven years ago we purchased a Precor treadmill from Fitness Systems, Inc, a local Precor dealer. I wanted a treadmill that could sustain my pounding and be comfortable with my longer than average stride.

We fell in love with the treadmill first thing after visiting the showroom and testing a few of them. It was a solid piece of equipment. It was delivered and setup in our home and we have used it pretty solid for over 7 years with no problems.

Until recently.

We began noticing lots of black residue coming off the belt and it would ruin anything it touched -- clothes, carpet, etc. Impossible to get out. It happened gradually over time, so we didn't really notice it at first, but I decided to call Fitness Systems to just inquire if that sounded normal and what parts we might be able to buy to fix it.

The lady who I spoke with promptly told me that was the belt wearing out due to friction against the front and rear rollers and the black residue was actually disintegrating belt (assuming it's some form of rubber). She then told me all the parts that I was going to need to replace and told me not be alarmed but they were basically going to rebuild my entire treadmill.

I asked her to slow down and tell me what all this was going to cost as I may be interested in just buying a replacement. After all we've put a LOT of miles on it between the two of us for the past 7 years -- how long did these last after all?

That's when I became a life long fan of Precor.

She told me, "Oh no, you are not paying for anything. It's under a 10 year warranty so it will all be replaced for free as soon as we get the parts in."

A week later the parts came in and a repair guy came to the house and rebuilt the treadmill in about 45 minutes.

Upon leaving he told me he noticed that the motor didn't sound quite right and that it might be on it's way out in the next year or so, so he was going to go ahead and have a new one sent to them so he could replace that as well -- again at NO cost to me.

So we have used this treadmill pretty hard for over 7 years and now it's been rebuilt with all new parts. No complicated forms to fill out, no long waits on the telephone, or having to have the right receipt to prove anything.

Simply awesome.

So, it can be no surprise to you then, that I say if you are in the market for some home exercise equipment you should certainly checkout Precor.