Apple Frustrations, Continued

This is a follow up to a previous post, in which is becoming an ongoing saga in trying to get acceptable service from Apple.

Tonight I finally got an appointment at the Genius Bar that aligned with my schedule. So I show up only to find out the screen flicker that is apparently a loose LVDS cable (I can tap the top edge of the screen and flicker goes away and connecting to an external monitor doesn't show the same flicker).

The Genius who assisted me told me that he'd have to pack it up and mail it out because taking apart of the screen to reseat the cable is too complicated for them to do at the store.

The kicker of this all is that I'd be without a machine for 7 to 10 days. I asked for a loaner that we could simply swap the hard drive with, but nope, not possible. Apparently, it is common place for folks with Macs to be without their machine while it gets repaired. I asked if there was some business class level of service that if paid for would allow for a loaner. After all if a business is running on Macs shouldn't there be some level of higher service to make sure that business doesn't suffer when one of Apple's products is defective? No, nothing like that.

The suggestion offered by the Genius was to either buy another Mac to use as a backup or bring it back when I had some "down time" and could be without it for a week or so (since I can whack the top of the LCD panel to get my picture back, I am not out of commission, yet).

I love my MacBook Pro, but I sure do miss the Dell quality service, where a simple phone call would have a replacement laptop here tomorrow, with a box for me to send back the defective one. You'd think when you pay a close to 100% premium you at least be able to pay extra for the same level of service.

Completely frustrated.