Another Unicode Patch to Boto

I just committed the following patch to the Key class in the boto Amazon Web Services python framework:

Index: boto/s3/
--- boto/s3/      (revision 492)
+++ boto/s3/      (working copy)
@@ -267,7 +267,7 @@

     def get_file(self, fp, headers=None, cb=None, num_cb=10):
         path = '/%s/%s' % (,
-        path = urllib.quote(path)
+        path = urllib.quote(path.encode('utf-8'))
         resp = self.bucket.connection.make_request('GET', path, headers)
         if resp.status < 199 or resp.status > 299:
             raise S3ResponseError(resp.status, resp.reason)

If you have unicode characters in your strings that out of the 128 ascii character range, then trying to access that path with urllib could cause you some trouble. As I did with my previous patch to boto on this issue, I solved this problem by encoding the string that was passed to urllib to utf-8 and all was well.