Amino Software Launches Lysine 1.0

Well, Ben stole my thunder and posted about it first. I'll go ahead an take the liberty and reiterate the news here as well.

We finally shipped Lysine 1.0, Amino Software's EBCDIC Source Component for SSIS. With this component you can read the raw binary data dumps from mainframes directly into Microsoft's SQL Server via SSIS. This should eliminate the need for most cases of having to write preprocessors to transform the data prior to integration.

In summary, Lysine offers:

  • Imports Raw Binary EBCDIC Data (no preprocessing in most cases)
  • Several EBCDIC code pages supported
  • Intuitive Layout UI for rapid development
  • Quick Preview to show you if your layout is correct
  • All major column types supported:
  • Redefines
  • Occurs
  • Occurs Depending On
  • Packed (Comp-3), Zoned
  • Single Pass conversion for scalable performance
  • Export/Import of layout for team development and versioning

There is a fully functional 30-day trial available along with a recently writing user guide and an array of support options now available on