A Couple of New Projects

I have started a couple of new projects on Google Code. These are primarily just Python libraries that wrap web service APIs for two services I hope to write some mash ups for my personal use.

The first, pyphanfare, wraps the Phanfare API. I have long been a fan (no pun intended) and customer of this photo site. They make it a snap to get all the pictures of the kids up in a nice looking album for the grandparents to see the grandchildren and even order prints that are printed almost immediately at the local Walgreens.

The second, pyriya, wraps a service, Riya, that I am still reading the docs on to understand how (and if I can) leverage it for facial recognition of photos. I have heard mixed reviews on this service and it's accuracy and usefulness. We'll see.

Any pythonistas out there wanting to help knock out these libraries is more than welcome to join me!