Microsoft's MSDN Library Meets Wiki

I guess it is a natural progression for Microsoft to have a Wiki implementation on the much used and relied upon MSDN Library since introducing blogging and online properties like Channel9.

I am excited to see another source for community centric technology writing and idea sharing. It will be interesting to see how and if this affects blogging at all. Much of the technology/developer blogs out there are primarily made of up tips, tricks, ideas, etc. Will developers or technologists publish this information in both places or one or the other.

The benefit for me posting on my own blog is that I have complete control of the content (no one can change it but me) and I build an audience. What would be the benefit for giving that information away in the context of an MSDN Wiki, beyond community recognition?

I will love having it as a resource to draw from, but for now I think I'll stick with my blog to communicate out my ideas.


Customizing Process Guidance: The Official Method

A while back I posted on how to use the VSTS Customization Toolkit to customize the MSF process guidance in Team System.

Well, this morning, while reading through some feeds that I subscribe to, I ran across a post on the Agile Management Blog by David Anderson announcing the publication of the official documentaion guide on the MSDN Library of customizing the process templates.

All the editing is centered around Microsoft InfoPath which should be interesting to check out.


Turning User Interfaces on End

Just came across BumpTop today and am amazed at the User Interface work being done by this group. I highly recommend download and watching the full length demo. Some really thought provoking things here with a very high "cool factor".


Microsoft Blitz: A Website Roundup

I have noticed that over the last several weeks (or months -- not sure of the launch date of these sites, just when I have noticed them), Microsoft has been launching community based sites around the different technologies that they are gearing up for release with the long anticipated Microsoft Vista, .NET 3.0 (formerly WinFX), IIS 7.0, and more.


Comparing Employees to Terrorists: A Take on Social Networking Theory and Practice

There is a fascinating article on Knowledge @ Wharton under Managing Technology that deals with the topic of social networking revealing how employees and companies operate. Ok, my title is a bit sensationalistic, however, there is a comparison made in the text to analyzing the social networks of employees within an organization to how the NSA examines and studies the networks of terrorists.


Open an Online Store in Minutes: The Ultimate Micro-ISV Tool

I have just reviewed a very interesting web based tool making it a snap for those folks who wish to sell products on the web that don’t want to spend time trying to design a web site and hook up all the moving parts required to have an operating store.


OneNote 2007 and Synched Notebooks

I am not 100% certain but I would imagine most folks that make use of OneNote use more than a single computer during the course of a given week. The different computers are likely employed in different contexts as well (work, home, travel, etc.).

However, if one has begun using OneNote in one context on a single machine it is very likely that they would desire and enjoy the capabilities of OneNote to capture thoughts in all, or most, of these different contexts.

Furthermore, life rarely contains itself into nice neat little boxes with no bleed over from context to context, but rather ideas come out of no where regardless of what context you find yourself in (at least that is what happens to me).

To solve this problem with OneNote 2003, I winded up making use of a thumbdrive that I carry with me everywhere. My notebook is on it so I can use it on whatever computer has OneNote bits installed. The computers that I use on a regular basis point to the drive that thumbdrive auto mounts to so that I don't have to configure the machine to look anywhere different each time I use it.

This has worked fine, however, it's a pain if I forget my thumbdrive at home (or worse yet, misplace it).

The new shared notebook feature in OneNote 2007 as discussed by Chris Pratley is solves this exact problem. I cannot wait to get my hands on the bits for the OneNote 2007 RTM release.


Software Engineering with Visual Studio Team System

Another process and engineering book has arrived that focusing on building products using Team System not through the typical working a task list of planned steps but rather allowing the flow of customer value to drive the project.


SourceForge for Team System

Martin Woodward is reporting the exciting news of the launch of CodePlex. I am anxious to check this out. This should prove to be a big win for the development community, at least the section of that community that enjoys working on hobby projects. Being able to collaborate using Team System tools instead of CVS and other other unintegrated open source tools at SourceForge.


Motivation, Where Is It?

Where, oh where, is my Motivation? Last summer and fall, I had a pretty good groove going with consistent running (about 20 to 25 miles per week). Then winter came along with the birth of our second child and it I stopped running for a few weeks, that turned into a few months, and now I find myself almost as out of shape as where I started back before I began running last summer.